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Male masseurs are men selected according to very strict physical and educational characteristics. In addition to having muscular bodies and an attractive face, they must know how to behave perfectly. When we have verified that they meet the minimum requirements to work in our massage agency, everyone receives several tantric massage courses to obtain the necessary level of the erotic massages menu.



straight masseur barcelona

The best trained in tantra straight therapist in Barcelona. There are few men with as much experience in tantric massage and tantra courses behind their backs as Gerard has. He is an expert in erotic massage for women, for years indulging women and taking them to states of pleasure unknown to the vast majority of women. This tantric master has studied and perfected the traditional Indian yoni massage of Kashmir. With this luxury masseuse the pleasure is assured, the orgasm will not be the objective, since it is able to take you easily, and without realizing it, you will feel several orgasms of different types. Don’t be surprised if you lose control when you reach the G-spot orgasm, or if you ejaculate during the outcall massage in your hotel in Barcelona, because with Gerard many women discover squirting and it surprises them at the same time that it pleases them enormously. Don’t miss the opportunity to have it in your hotel room.


stright therapist barcelona

Victor is an excellent male masseur, strong and elegant. It is a pleasure to be able to offer you Victor, an example of masculinity, a blond masseuse of Nordic origin. He is of Spanish nationality and raised in Barcelona, perhaps that’s why he has a tall and corpulent physique, but at the same time a passionate character. This man has studied quite a few types of massage, from Thai to Californian, which adds a lot of quality to tantric massage, further away from the sexual part. He has strong and sensitive hands that adapt to your body at all times, something essential for you to relax completely during the erotic massage. Although Victor only massages women, he can also assist couples, and even moves to your hotel with another of the agency’s tantric masseuses, both will take you to heaven while you share a very intimate experience. Book now your sensitive massage with this sensational heterosexual masseur by clicking here.



gay masseur barcelona

Cristian is a handsome gay masseur in Barcelona, very fit and friendly. He is a lawyer by profession, but confesses that he loves to work as an erotic masseuse. For Cristian tantra massage is more of a passion than a job, and that’s how you feel when you’re with him on the futon of the massage parlour or in your hotel bed. Cristian gives himself completely in every tantric ritual, no matter if it is a gay massage for men, a yoni massage for women or a couple session, his gratification is always that YOU are happy at the end of the massage. This gay masseur takes advantage of his body fit to excite you with the rubbing of his skin on every inch of yours, you can feel his muscles when you merge in the classic tantric postures of our agency. If you want, this instructor of Tantra and Taoist sex will take you to the orgasm avoiding that you ejaculate, so that you can consergar the energy or enjoy more consecutive orgasms.


gay massage abrcelona

Our gay masseur Brian is a British guy based in Barcelona. Last but not least, our male masseuse Brian, a guy who doesn’t like gay or bisexual etiquette. He cares that you feel pleasure, that you discover new sensations, that you reach different types of orgasms and that you feel a full happiness after the massage. It is not important if you are a man or a woman, with Brian the satisfaction is guaranteed, he will accompany you in a process of relaxation and deep peace. He has a slender and very beautiful body that he cultivates while practicing yoga, and a calm character that he empowers with meditation. There is no doubt that he is a young but very spiritual man, and as many people who have tried his hands say: “he has the wisdom of a mature man and the fire of a young boy”. If you are in Barcelona, we recommend that you make an appointment with Brian, surely you will want to repeat. He goes to hotel and home.