Erotic massage for women in Barcelona, supply exceeds demand

This story that could well be a dream is, in fact, the fantasy and reality of many adult women who dream of doing something different, but are afraid to give free rein to their emotions.

However, this Catalan in her thirties and early thirties contacted a massage studio to ask what was the best alternative to receive an erotic massage for different, exotic women and something she will remember for a long time.

The agency or massage studio was an expert in all kinds of erotic and sensitive treatments and massages for men and women. The recommendation was a specific female tantric treatment or massage called yoni massage.

This kind of female massage focuses solely and exclusively on the woman, more specifically in the female genital area called yoni, that’s the vagina and vulva.

This type of treatment is in high demand, but not everyone knows how to do it. The requirements of a male masseur who is an expert in the Yoni areas are more important than it seems.

And is that apart from the skills with the hands necessary to stimulate the area, it is also necessary a psychological knowledge and a lot of patience and above all, observation to detect the right time to exert pressure or not and know when and how to touch.

In Barcelona as elsewhere, Tantric Yoni massages are an excellent option not only to obtain pleasure through the stimulation of the body, but also personal knowledge.

And it must be remembered that the objective of tantra does not focus on orgasm and pleasure, but on sensations and personal growth through the exploration and delay of the orgasm.

Gerard, a male masseur who knows what he’s doing

Fortunately, the contact agency had among its services the best or at least one of the best male masseurs in Barcelona, so they quickly contacted him as soon as they received a call from a woman interested in their services.

Gerard, showed up at the time indicated to give the session and had all the material ready to give an erotic massage for women to his client.

The woman that we will call Maria arrived punctually to the appointment, and he was a little nervous since it was the first time that he made this experience.

Maria took a while to relax on the stretcher, but the expert hands and the hot oil applied by Gerard managed to mitigate all the doubts and tiredness of this woman who was only tense for a few minutes, the few who was naked and showed her back to the masseur.

After starting at the feet Gerard’s hands went up to the English and waist, being an expert in the matter he took things calmly and was not in a hurry to reach the yoni. He knew the exact moment and I don’t need to ask Mary’s permission to pour her fingers in oil on her labia majora and begin to stimulate the mount of Venus.

The contractions of Mary’s body and her sighs were all she needed to massage the outer lip slowly with her thumb and index finger as she slid up and down. The pressure was right at all times and she knew when and how to touch the crown jewel, the clitoris.

Massage yoni, experience is a degree

Gerard, however, knew that Mary was looking for something different, so he stimulated her to the point of reaching orgasm, but without reaching it. She knew that this was the key to her repeating again and again.

And indeed, this Catalan woman repeated more sessions with Gerard and became his favorite client. Maria, on the other hand, recommended this male masseuse to all her friends.

Although not all of them dared there were some that proved it, and indeed, they corroborated that Gerard’s hands were a gift from heaven for his yoni.

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